«What’s the matter?» is an immersion through the matter of world: intensity, force, rythm and creation of forms. Ironically divided into fields (animal, mineral…), the photographs have the same features: full frame, large format, high resolution, no out of focus. One purpose: to be submerged into the world, the difference of intensity, speed and rhythm, to try it self «excriture» (Jean-Luc Nancy). In other words, to try to live/to see beyond the categories, the concepts and the genders; where the exuberant and silent creation of worlds takes us further away from customs way too human. My works take place between Nietzsche’s and Deleuze’s, Heidegger’s and Derrida’s philosophy.
The techniques I use allows us two different approachs: a « macroview » and a « microview ». You can see the structure and the general rythm of a really large size photo in a macro way. But you can also be really close to it, as for a small photo, to see the richness and the depth of the details. As a matter of fact, usually large size photo can’t be observed closely.

To help you visualized the quality of my works, there is details at scale for each photograph.

Simon Manoha, valaitis@hotmail.fr  0638786106